Saturday, 12 May 2012

Last Animation Party!

This is a photo of Andrew Edwards (right) Me (middle) and Thomas Massey (right) at the last ever animation party at Wolverhampton University. (2012)

Me and Tom came as Terrance and Philip from South Park....great idea!

This is my favourite photo of the 3 years and theres been a fair few...

I probably wouldn't tell them this to their faces (because their already good enough!)
but every inside joke, project, pint in the hogs head or general animation banter means
world to me and I'm gonna miss not bouncing my crazy ideas off these 2 guys.

Ever since the first year, we just clicked and although we have worked on our own stuff this year,
I would still like to work with them in the future. They are two extremely talented animators and will find
success in no time.

I had hoped that in the future, if I acquired enough money and business knowledge that we would partner up and make our first company name, TAP (tom, andy, paddy). Still one can dream and even if it doesn't happen, I feel lucky to have met some brilliant animators and gained some awesome friends.

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