Monday, 13 August 2012

Anti-Joke Characters - Susie Swing

Its been a while since my last post and plenty has happened since. Since leaving Uni I've been working on two projects, the first is a web based series called 'Anti-Jokes' and the second is producing illustrations for a friends children's e-book. 

Along side entering my grad film into festivals and doing bits and bobs for people, I've tumbled out of Uni, trying to hit the ground running. After editing a fresh showreel together and typing up a neat C.V, I gathered a few studios I really loved the work of and began researching them, sending e-mails and finding out who had work available. Meanwhile, last Friday I finally sent off my work to two studios based in Manchester, so fingers crossed. 

While I wait to get on the animation industry rung, I decided to not watch paint dry and keep on animating, be it exercises or live work. Above: These are two character concepts of one of the character in the Anti-joke series. This character is called Susie and I've gone with simple shapes and tried to make her innocent looking, which stands in stark contrast to the peril that awaits her. 

The first two episodes will be released at the end of October, 'Susie Swing' and 'Billy Ice-Cream'.

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