Thursday, 13 September 2012

Oh Deer Pillow competition - 'Cold side'

My entry for the Oh Deer competition.

Inspired by the cold side of the pillow and what I thought lived there.

'Welcome to the cold side of the pillow,
 Where the nights are cool and the sleeps are long.
 Plus Eskimos live there...'

Monday, 10 September 2012

Minecraft - Threadless T-Shirt design competition

Here are three designs which I've entered into the Threadless t-shirt competition.

They wanted anything to do with Minecraft and seeing as its one of my favourite games, I thought I'd give it ago. The 1st one (BLUE) is based off one of my favourite scenes in Indiana Jones and I thought the two went hand in hand.

The 2nd (PURPLE) is more of a graphic approach, starting with the phrase 'all that glitters, is not gold', I thought I'd merge the danger of exploring but also the fun at what you can find.

The 3rd and last one (BLACK) is based off the same phrase but a lot more minimalistic. I decided to show all the Ores you can find in Minecraft, some much more valuable than gold.

Animate Graham Chapman - Individual

Thought I'd have a crack at entering the Animate Graham Chapman competition. Quite simply they provide you with a selection of voice clips, which you then choose one of to animate. I have chosen the famous scene from life of brian, where Graham gives a speech to the masses, telling them they're all individuals and don't have to follow anyone.

Naturally, the first thing that came to my head was sheep and have had loads of fun storyboarding, designing and animating. I've uploaded some reference sketches and rough design for the lead character  (Graham) the black sheep.