Saturday, 20 April 2013

My NEW Short Film 'Sandwich' - Early Character Concepts

Its been burning away at me since September and in February, I started my new animated short film, 'Sandwich'. Half way through production now, with a script, storyboard and some motion test done, I plan on having it ready by July. The film is under 2 minutes and taking inspiration from old Twilightzone episodes, I have come up with a story that I think it whimsical, funny and enjoyable. 

I had a basic idea down before Christmas but put the work in, changing the script till it was absolutely watertight. With a few other gigs on the go at the moment to, I'm trying to get 10 seconds a week under my belt, from now till the end of production.

I will post some other work up next week....

Coffee mug at the ready and nose to the grindstone!

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