Saturday, 26 October 2013

Editing in Norway - Heart of Lightness

In August/September I edited on this beautiful film by Director Jan Vardoen, called 'Heart of Lightness'.

Based on the play by famous Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen 'The Lady from the Sea'.

I've edited on some little projects before but nothing on this scale and really enjoyed the challenge of adding another string to my bow and was nice to work on the post end of production for once.

Norway is such a beautiful place and having the pleasure of pouring through hours of breathtaking  landscapes was an added bonus while working on this film.

The film is in its final stages of music and colour correction and will be considered for Sundance and Berlin Film Festival last this month.

I wish it all the best and it will be nice to have edited on a film that made it to either prestigious festival.

Director Jan Vardoen was a pleasure to work with and such a passionate, talented guy that I'm sure his name will be wider known very soon.

Currently, I've been working on some secret documentary footage for Jan and all I can say is, it involves beautiful footage of Cuba for something he has planned later next Summer.

This was certainly a rewarding experience for me and as Stephen King would say..."To write is human, to edit is divine".

Below is the trailer, which I helped work on as well near the end of my time there and help make the titles for...enjoy.

Heart of Lightness Trailer from jan vardoen on Vimeo.

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