Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Run Forrest RUN!

Running Man

A simple run cycle for a character I designed a while back.

(Rough Line Version) and (Full Colour Version)

I think its always good practise to do cycles and I wish I did more. They certainly help flush out a

character and keep your internal rhythm as an Animator ticking over nicely.

Been using Photoshop to animate for a while now, its especially good for rough key frame work and

the expansive set of brushes make clean up work and colouring really open and keen to experiment.

I'd say its just as good as TV Paint with a nicer user interface, especially if you're use to using it on a

daily basis.

Goldeneye Storyboard

Did a quick storyboard of my favourite opening film sequence from the James Bond film Goldeneye.

Really love the intensity of the wide angle shots, mixed with the tight close ups, which for me, is what a

spy film like a James Bond should have.